Aesthetic, functionality, durability: the natural properties of leather make this natural material the first choice for many everyday applications. Thanks to its exceptional material properties, leather is indispensable for clothing, shoes, and accessories. Leather fashion is long-lasting and robust, smooth and soft. The softness to the touch and the unmistakable odour emphasise the individuality of the material. Its versatility opens up almost endless possibilities for its use in fashion – from soft and smooth nappa to soft velour and delicate nubuck, in all colours, embossings, and thicknesses.

Amazing properties

The natural texture and pleasant feel of leather on the skin are hard to beat. The natural properties of leather are just as fascinating: who knows that leather shoes can absorb up to three times their own weight in liquid or sweat and later release it again – without getting our feet wet? It’s no surprise that most of the leather produced worldwide is used for shoes. From its robustness to the characteristic patina that develops over time to the countless design possibilities, this natural material also impresses with its aesthetic properties.

Better and more comfortable seating

When it comes to upholstered furniture, leather plays in the premier league. Sofas and armchairs with leather upholstery represent lasting value. Not only is sitting really comfortable, you can also lean back and relax. Other important advantages: leather is particularly durable, gains character over the years and doesn’t easily deteriorate – provided it receives a little care.

Leather makes driving good

Leather is also indispensable in mobility. Leather has been used in vehicles since the early days of the motor car. Seat covers, steering wheels or interior panelling made of leather convey elegance and high quality. The permanently attractive appearance with high durability is in demand – not only in cars, but also in trains, aeroplanes, and ships. Even under constantly changing and challenging conditions, the material always performs well.

Durable and versatile

Leather is also indispensable in numerous other areas: for widely demanded clothing such as motorbike outfits, in orthopaedics as well as for sports equipment and leather balls, saddlery and dog leashes. Leather is also the first choice for the manufacture of bags, wallets, and suitcases as well as for countless straps and accessories.