Leather professionals

Leather makers combine many talents and skills: they know the exact steps on the way to the perfect end product. They master a wide range of finishing processes – and they have a feel for leather as a natural product and its unique characteristics.

A profession with a bright future

Specialists in tanning technology and leather production are sought-after experts with high qualifications, secure jobs, and promising future prospects. Anyone with a passion for leather, practical skills, and an understanding of chemical and technical processes has come to the right place!

Room for creativity and your own ideas

Leather makers usually work in medium-sized companies – plenty of space for development and a trusting, informal atmosphere are a given here. Individual development and creative work are emphasised in the companies of the German leather industry.

A well-founded apprenticeship

The dual training programme in Germany comprises three years in a leather manufacturing company or in a leather technology department in the chemical industry. This is accompanied by block teaching at a vocational school. It is possible to shorten the duration of training. The contents include:

• Insights into chemical and technical processes
• Leather production processes
• Knowledge of leather assessment
• Knowledge of raw materials
• Machine knowledge
• Handling tanning machines and electronics
• Fundamentals of occupational safety and environmental protection
• and economics.

Continue learning and shape your own career

But that’s not all: further training to become a recognised master chemist with an additional qualification in tanning and leather technology opens up further excellent career prospects – even abroad. More information and contacts to training companies throughout Germany can be found here: