A valuable natural material

Leather is a natural product that accompanies us through our everyday lives: from shoes, clothing and furniture, bags, and belts to car interiors. A lot of pioneering work has been done in Germany to combine durability, quality, and ecology. The result: tanning is now carried out in a particularly resource and environmentally friendly way.

How to recognise genuine leather?

One reliable method is the cut edge test. While imitation leather has smooth cut edges, real leather feels rough here. If several layers can be recognised, this is an indication of leather substitute. The oil or grease test shows the difference most clearly: leather can absorb grease, while it can only be spread over the surface on plastic.

Enjoying real leather for a long time

Whether furniture, shoes, or accessories: leather products are long-lasting companions. It is important to pay attention to quality and the label “genuine leather” or the leather logo. And like all natural materials, leather “lives”. That’s why we shouldn’t feed it – but we should take care of it from time to time.